All Saints’ Day Celebration tradition

All Saints’ Day 2020 – All Hallows’ Day Traditions and History

More than 52 countries celebrated all saints day with great zeast and zeal. All saints day 2020 will be celebrated on 1st November (Friday). It will be started from the evening of 31 October till the 1st November evening.

All Saints’ Day Celebration
All Saints’ Day Celebration

Holidays in the US and its states

There will be a holiday in most of the states of the US where Roman Catholics are present such as in the state of Louisiana while in some states business remains open.

Holidays in other regions

Most of the historically Christian communities of Europe and other countries declared 1st November as a national holiday to celebrate the event of all saints day. 

About all saints day

Meaning of saints

Saint is basically a person who is identified as having an extraordinary degree of holiness or closeness to GOD. All saints feast is a Christian festival that is celebrated in honor of all saint, both known and unknown.


If we are talking about the origin of the saint’s feast, it cannot be traced with certainty because it can be observed in different places with various dates and time periods.

Other names of all saints day

Other names of the events are the following

  • All saint’s days
  • The feast of all saint’s
  • All Hallow’s day
  • Solemnity of all saint’s

Historical background

In early years, when the Roman Empire pursued Christians, most of martyred died for their faiths that church member honored them on special days. Pope Gregory III changed the all saints day to 1st November. On the eve of Halloween, people get started to prepare for all saints day. Most of the community of Christians believed that in these 2 days, souls would take a form of witches, monsters demons or devils and haunt a person lifetime who did wrong with them.

In eastern orthodox and its associated churches of Catholics celebrated on 1st Sunday after Pentecost (Christ holy day that celebrated after 50 days of Easter Sunday). All saints eve was also celebrated on 1st Sunday after Easter in oriental orthodox and its eastern associated churches.

All Saints day Symbol sign and it’s meaning

The fleur-de-lis is actually a symbol that shows beautiful stylish design of golden lily that is used as a decorative logo. In French fleur means flower and lis mean lily, so their symbol is derived from the French word that means this symbol shows the meaning of purification upon his conversion to Christianity.

Painting of the day

All Saints’ Day Celebration picture

Celebration of different states 


In the churches of Ireland, the feast of all saints day was celebrated on April 20th, just to avoid the associating day with the harvest festival that was also celebrating traditionally as well as a festival of pagan that associates with Samhain.


Following the foundation of the Frankish Empire, and following the rule of Charlemagne, the holy day, which was at that point celebrated on November 1, turned into a blessed day of commitment by the declaration of Pope Gregory IV and Louis the Pious, who was lord over a part of Charlemagne’s previous realm.

Portugal and Spain

In different nations, for example, Portugal, Spain, and Mexico, customary practices incorporate execution of the play, “Wear Juan Tenorio” and contributions made to the dead. All Saints’ Say happens on a similar day as the Mexican “Dide los Innocentes” multi-day committed to expired kids.


Crosswise over a lot of Europe, the day is celebrated with contributions of blossoms left on the graves of the dead. In Eastern Europe, candles are lit on graves rather than contributions of blooms.


In certain spots, for example, the Philippines, graves can be painted and fixed by relatives. A significant number of these practices obscure the qualification between All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

These festivals regularly blur the distinction between All Saints’ Day, which is appropriately devoted to the individuals who are in paradise, and All Souls’ Day, on which prayers are offered for each one of the individuals who have died, yet have not yet arrived at paradise.


Rather than calling everything Saints’ Day, Haitians call their festival as Festival of the Ancestors, Feast of the Dead or Fet Gede. It begins with a journey to Port-au-Prince’s Grand Cemetery to pay respect to their dead relatives. Utilizing move, music, and customs they offer respect to the spirits from an earlier time—Papa Gede (spirits’ delivery person) and Baron Semedi (gatekeeper of the burial ground).


On All Saints’ Day in Austria, the Allerheiligenstriezel (plaited yeast bread) is given out by back up parents to their godchildren. It alludes to the old burial service convention in Austria where ladies, as an indication of grieving for their friends and family, remove their braided hair.


In Mexico, the Day of the dead heavenly days reaches out from October 31 through November 2.

The United States

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican occasion that has spread in popularity into parts of the United States and crosswise over Latin America. It is praised from October 31 through November 2, to concur with both the American custom and the Catholic heavenly days. Those three days are committed to the majority of the the majority of the dead.

Following the Protestant Reformation, numerous Protestants held the blessed day, in spite of the fact that they expelled the need to petition God for the dead. Rather, the day has been utilized to honor the individuals who have as of late passed on, as a rule in the previous year, and to recall the instances of the individuals who lived blessed lives.

The Catholic practice, be that as it may, commends each one of the individuals who have entered paradise, including holy people who are perceived by the Church and the individuals who are definitely not.

Holy day traditions differ the world over. In the United States, the day preceding is Halloween and is generally celebrated by dressing in outfits with subjects of death ordinarily related. Youngsters go entryway to-entryway in ensemble, stunt or-treating that is requesting sweet from their neighbors. The occasion has lost quite a bit of its association with its religious roots.

Albeit almost everybody observes Halloween for the enjoyment of the common occasion, the accompanying religious gravity, isn’t broadly polished or recognized by most Americans except if they are Catholic.

It is essential to recollect these fundamental actualities:

  • Halloween is a common occasion that comes the night prior to All Saints’ Day.
  • All Saints’ Day is on November 1, and it is a Holy Day of Obligation.
  • All Souls’ Day in on November 2, and it’s anything but a Holy Day of Obligation.

Basic Facts

Liturgical Color(s): White

Type of Holiday: Holy Day of Obligation (West); Feast (East), Solemnity,

Time of Year: November 1 (in Orthodox Churches, the Sunday after Pentecost)

Duration: One Day

Celebrates/Symbolizes: All Saints, known and unknown

Alternate Names: Halloween, All Hallows, Hallowmas

Scriptural References: ; Ephesians 6:18, Mark 12:26-27, Revelation 5:8, Hebrews 12:1, Revelation 5:8

All Saints Day Prayers

The bible doesn’t educate us about the feast of all saints day. Rather we are celebrated just to honor the departed souls or to memorize our dead one.

There’s a hymn that is generally sung around this occasion called “For All the Saints.” It urges believers to think back during that time of Christian history and think about the millions currently getting a charge out of rest and salvation within the sight of God. It’s additionally intended to give consolation to devotees at this very moment to go ahead, anticipating the wonderful day… These are the prayers of some holy books which are mentioned above in facts.

"God is faithful."
"The Lord is good. Trust Him."
"His grace was sufficient for me in my trials
and is sufficient for you today."

Ways of celebration

Throw parties on the feast of all saints day.

Well well. What’s the best way to celebrate or entertain the feast of all saints day than with a party. For the celebration with a party if your church doesn’t sponsor for saints celebration that the best way to do this is by creating a potluck. Just to make up fun and enjoy on the feast of all saints day make your potluck themed saint’s party. Share dishes and food with the invited families and friends as well as neighbors.

Shares saint’s themed meals and snacks

You can decorate well with the different kind of creative things such as to decorate the bowl of animal food cracker you can attach holy cards such as St. Francis holy card. To celebrate with St. Stanislaus or soda Irish bread you might make sugar cookies. You can also serve as an onion or pineapple ring.

To trunk and treat

This is another extraordinary gathering opportunity that can be facilitated at your congregation, your neighborhood or network. Every vehicle trunk will turn into a spot where children can get treats, mess around and find out about a Saint.

Children Dress Up as Their Favorite Saint

Having your kids take on the appearance of Saints is an extraordinary observer. It is likewise a very fun approach to show your kids the Saints. You can get extremely inventive with this. Some good thoughts incorporate benefactor holy people and blessed messengers. For the supporter holy person outfits, make an association between your kid’s ensemble and the conventional support of the holy people. Does your youngster need to take on the appearance of a performer or an entertainer? There’s a benefactor holy person for that! Regardless of whether you select or make the correct ensemble, your children will be effectively persuaded that their outfit is entertaining. It’s extremely all in introduction and attitudes.

Cut a Pumpkin with Christian Symbols

What numerous Christians overlook is that they have an inconceivable chance to proselytize around Halloween. A delicate method to proselytize your stunt or-treaters is via cutting a Christian image in your pumpkin rather than a devil, toothy smiled or creepy face. There are huge amounts of imaginative pumpkin Christian pumpkin topics, from heavenly attendant carvings to Bible refrains. You can even cut a ridiculous face on one side and your preferred Bible stanza on the other. There are some extremely incredible online assets to enable you to illuminate the night mirroring your confidence!

Adorn Your Home with an All Saints’ Theme

An incredible method to observe All Saints’ Day is with All Saints’ stylistic layout. For the banquet day, you can make a focal point for your home. One approach to do this is by masterminding excellent shaded branches on a table or in a container and hang holy person awards on the branches. This will be a delight for the entire family to see. The children will likewise appreciate playing a couple of rounds of “I Spy” as they search through the awards holding tight the branches to locate an extraordinary holy person. Through this, you bring a tad bit of God’s creativity inside.

Reverse Trick-or-Treating with Shut-ins

This is a positive method to the observer to the individuals who are frequently needing some TLC. Having your kid visit a closed in from your congregation or in a nursing home is an extraordinary path for your youngster to light up another spirit. You can dress your youngsters in ensembles and serve the individuals who are frequently overlooked.

Peruse a Saint Story

An extraordinary method to instruct your youngsters about the holy people is through the story. This is likewise an extraordinary route for grown-ups to invigorate their insight on specific holy people. One extraordinary asset is the “Sometime in the distant past Saints” arrangement. Ensure it’s a book or arrangement that the entire family can appreciate!

You can get as inventive as you need with these thoughts. Not exclusively are the thoughts an incredible method to show others the holy people yet in addition an extraordinary method to reconnect with your confidence.

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